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This Australian Made Natural Collection Latex Mattress is a Deluxe Air Ventilated Low Allergenic mattress which features tempered steel springs which offer firm support for your baby at rest. Poly support felt pads, Natural Latex Comfort Layer and finished in a Health Guard Treated Low Allergenic 100% pure cotton fabric quilted cover. Health Guard creates a hygienic sleep surface, protecting the fabric from bacteria and mould.Piece of mind with a 10 year guarantee protects against manufacturing fault

Babies spend a fair amount of their first few years of life sleeping. A baby cot mattress should provide optimal support to protect the spinal column of your baby. The mattress should be firm to provide your baby with the necessary support and comfort. A test you should perform to see if the mattress is firm enough is to push your hand down on the mattress. If, when you remove your hand, you can see your handprint then the mattress is too soft. If you cannot see your handprint then the mattress is likely to be firm enough and safe for your baby. All Spinal Support Mattress are handmade in Australia and are designed and manufactured with your babies comfort, support & wellbeing in mind. Being a handmade mattress sizes are nominal and are subject to a tolerance of +/- 15mm

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